We apply "Creative Economics" in almost everything we do for your business and ourselves.

Branding and Positioning

We help businesses to brand and position for optimal benefit. Our designers work closely with marketing experts to create logos and marketing messages with a focus on creating raving fans.

How you look, feel and sound in the market can make or break your business. Our experts will help you with the right colors, copy and media so you’ll be attracting new prospects and gaining new customers.

Web Presence

Our strategies over web are very unique, We initialize, develop and track your online presence. We builds websites, blogs, squeeze pages, customer lead pages and many more offshoots online, we also track them for you.

We make sure your web presence is ever green with fresh content and usable information for your client instantly making you an a expert in your field of business.


We build unique creative packages for your promotional needs, It will leave a long lasting impression about your business in your customer's mind. Our effective use of creativity and marketing will promote your business both online and offline mediums

We use both tradition print technologies and modern web & mobile technology to promote your products and services.

Are you ready for a line up of raving fans for your products and services ? If you are, Get in touch today... ph:905 401 0060 email: info@idea96.com

Design & Usability Consultation

We provide design and usability services for software and media companies. We are experts in building creative user interfaces and conduct usability testing on your products and services. Our methods involve both conventional and contemporary approach.

Designs are user centric with no loss in creativity, We design and deliver mobile user interface, web application user interface and even GUI for websites and games